The Fiscalia General del Estado (FGE) sets up at LCS

Tuesdays beginning Tuesday, April 1 from 10 am - 2 pm 
in the Talking Books Library

Jalisco's comprehensive criminal justice and public security agency, is collaborating with the Lake Chapala Society to set up weekly sessions at LCS with a bilingual lawyer from Ministerio Publico to accept denuncias from the foreign community.
Currently, data received from victims by Ministerio Publico is woefully sparse. In an effort to obtain accurate information, LCS is providing victims a safe place with bi-lingual support.
The attorney General’s office is asking all community members who have not filed adenuncia (formal complaint) on a crime that has been committed against them in the past year to come to LCS and do it. They will provide legal advice regarding your complaint.
Likewise if you have filed a denuncia in the past year with no results you can come here and ask them for a status report. We need to build up the statistics so that Attorney General’s office has clear justification for pushing for more resources Lakeside. If nobody reports then the position of the authorities is that it did not happen. Please report!


3/14/2014 Supect arrested in Jocotepec murder-

March 5 2014 Twenty-five individuals were found in a series of graves between Tlaquepaque and Tonala municipalities near a break in terrain known as Cerro del Gasto.  The exhumation of the dead have been ongoing since March 1st.

An APRO wire dispatch which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, said that the dead were found

2/25/2014 - Informador - GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (24/FEB/2014.) - Three men were held by the Attorney General's Office (FGE)for the assassination of a foreigner John Paul) in the town of Jocotepe. Article in Spanish:

2/20/2014 American man found dead and perhaps murdered in Jocotepec - Roca Azul. They are reporting his name and age as John Paul, 67. For more information: 2//28/2014 So lot of information coming forth. All different. The guadalajara reporter interviewed police etc and they did not report his arm as amputated.

For a different perspective, folks at insidelakeside describe a body with an amputated arm: a clean cut - and I would guess a missing arm and they quote excellent sources. We are inclined to go with their version. Murder.

2/15/2014 From the Informador - Authorities said they still fail to capture the accomplice of Julius Caesar, a brother who fled after the crime To read article in Spanish:

2/15/2014 - From the Informador: The homicides of Canadians La Floresta in Ajijic, Chapala does not mean a rise in insecurity in the area because it was an extraordinary event, said the director of the Municipal Police, Ramón Pérez del Arco. Even the offenses are much lower than in other towns. For rest of article in (This article is interesting and very long and my translations skills are not that good - and google translate is not doing a good job - if someone translates I am happy to post) Here is a quote from Spencer within the article: Here is a quote from Spencer McMullen within the article: "Spencer McMullen of the law firm Chapala Law advised that legal conditions in Mexico and from what he has seen in Chapala favor the impunity of the criminals:  "Many foreigners do not understand the system here in Mexico, the police here are for prevention of crimes and if it has already been committed, one must file a criminal complaint with the prosecutors office and bring their own translator.  Many foreigners as well as Mexicans are not motivated to do this knowing the process takes months and months after passing hours in the prosecutors offices and having them ask for facturas, something that doesn't exist in the US or Canada.  Many give up after so many visits to see if their complaint is moving forward.  Of the criminals detained, it is estimated that 98% get set free and that only the rest end up with final criminal convictions. ""

2/14/2014 from the Guadalajara Reporter - Immediately after learning of the grisly crime, the Attorney General (Najera) put the case in the hands of the state’s intentional homicide division, assigning a team of more than 70 justice department (FGE) employees to handle detective work and an intensive manhunt for the culprits. Around 30 FGE agents, including investigators and state police, were dispatched to the lakeside area under orders to comb the area for suspects and clues. For article:

2/14/2014 from the informador: "UNOFFICIAL brother was in Colima According to unofficial information, the brother of Julius Caesar (whose name is not provided the Prosecutor) fled to Colima, so the Jalisco government requested the assistance of the Attorney General of that State. That Entity authorities confirmed the request and the fugitive, apparently, was captured yesterday morning" For the rest of the

2/13/204 - After the killing, the brothers carried a green van Caravan victims with various items stolen, among which was a flat screen, bank cards, a digital camera, clothes, a sewing machine, a tape recorder, a vacuum cleaner, clothes and 7,6000. Najera said Cesar Castillo stated that they spent money on drugs and clothes. A stolen pickup was located the morning of 11 February by police Poncitlán in a town called Tlachichilco, according to the prosecution. Upon arresting Castillo's authorities requested a warrant to search the house where the prisoner said hid the stolen goods, which serve as evidence against him. Brother remains at large. Najera said the bodies of Canadians still in Guadalajara waiting to be claimed by their relatives. For more info in Spanish.

2/13/2014 The two brothers planned the robbery and hid on a hil, the subject admitted that they consumed alcoholic beverages Saturday and Sunday morning committed the crime.

The alleged criminal was a bricklayer by trade and worked at a construction site near the couple's house

For more info: - (in Spanish)

2/12/2014 Two Brothers Arrested

COMMENT - Najera had a press conference after this article was in the newspaper - and he said 1 person NOT 2 - had been arrested. It appears this happened - just not officially.

From El Gratuito: The Attorney General is investigating two brothers for the murder of Canadians in Ajijic. At least two subjects were arrested for staff and the Attorney General of the State as responsible for the murder of two Canadian citizens occurred a few days ago in the town of Ajijic, a town of Chapala. To read more: Article in Spanish

2/13/2014 From the Guadalajara Reporter - Suspect Julio César Castillo Casillas was paraded before the Guadalajara media on Thursday.Police have captured a prime suspect in the case of a Canadian couple murdered in their Ajijic home,  while an accomplice remains on the run, Jalisco Attorney General Luis Carlos Nájera announced at a press conference early this morning.(Thursday) To read more:

Najera identified the alleged killer as Julio César Castillo Casillas, 31, arrested in Chapala yesterday by state law enforcement officers. A widespread search for his brother and partner-in-crime continues.

iAnother report in spanish:

2/12/2014 Rumor True or False? FALSE- a senior red cross official has said that the rumor is FALSE. from TOB 2/11/2014-they have all three suspects in custody. One had gotten a stab wound in his hand and went to Cruz Rojo, ...............

2/12/2014 The Informador has an article about the murders and includes information about Nina Discombe's new book - however no new news on the suspects

February 10, 2014 - From

Attorney General Luis Carlos Najera met at Salvador's with a mixed group of Mexicans and foreign residents Monnday 2/10 at 5 p.m.. La Floresta was represented as was the Canadian Club. For information about the meeting

He said that the governor has ordered the state police back into the area to try and give the community a sense of security,but, reminds all to take proper security precautions

More details will be in the Guadalajara Reporter.

February 10, 2014 Canadian couple was found murdered in their La Floresta home early Sunday, February 9. Based on evidence found at the scene, police presume that the probable motive of the crime was a robbery gone wrong.

Nina Discombe and Eduardo Kular

.For more details:


 Feb 6 2014- Don't open your door to strangers- to include people posing as public health officials - click here for information about a recent robbery attempt in centro ajijic


It appears that we have a rash of breakins, where entry has been gained by pushing open garage doors - in the Ajijic and La Floresta area. So garage door openers are great convenience items - BUT - best to padlock the garage doors or lock some other way - as without a lock, some are easy to force open.

From, Anthonio Leal has installed some preventative measures such as metal welded to to the bottom of one of the doors so that they cannot be pried apart and an automatic lock on another person's garage doors. He is also on John's list of recommended contractors.

GARAGE DOOR SERVICE    ANTONIO LEAL (Speaks English)  - Guarantees Work   Tel:   766  4973  Cell ph:  045  333  157  6536 

For archived news, click here

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Recent Crimes that have been reported-obviously much more going on- just no reports sent to us.

February 22, 2014 Lower LaFloresta Break in
February 22, 2014 Nuevo Chapala Break in
Mid to Late January, 2014 Ajijic Break in
January 5,2014 Ajijic Break in
February 8, 2014 Ajijic Villa Nova Break in
February 10, 2014 Ajijic Armed Robbery
February 8 or 9, 2014 LaFloresta Home Invasion and Murders

What Else is Happening?

July 17, 2013  Avoid gassing up in Tlajomulco & Ixtlahuacan at The 7-11s and mini marts between Guadalajara airport and Chapala. A person (who is a trusted source) reports that there are people who prey on those stopping to get gas or snacks on the road to Chapala, some have only had their window smashed and wallets and computers stolen and others have been forced into the bathroom at gunpoint and had their vehicles stolen.

Gas up in Guadalajara or in Chapala and don't stop in between. If you do stop, be alert!

July 7th sunday 6:50-7:15pm, ajijic central, guadaloup victoria- 1/2 block east of encarnacion rosas. i was walking in the street beside the parked cars, a small white pickup truck speeded past me about 80 miles per hour. i was just about to get to the sidewalk, when the truck went into reverse. to my shock it almost missed me by 18 inches. i screamed & ran between 2 parked cars. the girls in back of the truck screamed. driver cut a sharp turn, continued speeding towards the lake, driving backwards. it was a matter of seconds that i could have been killed. comments: dont walk in the street, no matter how quiet & traffic free it appears.

Feb 15 2013 - Man assasinated and daughter shot - taco stand in Ajijic -

Feb 2013- Chapala Libramento - Kidnapping and escape of owner of tire store



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If you don't report it, others will think it never happened!

If you, expat or Mexican, have been a victim of a crime in the Lake Chapala area; or if you are a friend or neighbor of a victim, please let us know what happened so that we can publish the information so that others know what is occurring. This does not take the place of reporting the crime to Mexican Authorities - which we hope you will do. 

What if someone tries to break into your house - and destroys your gate or breaks a window - but doesn't succeed.  Do you consider that crime? We do.  Would you report it to the police? Would the Ministerio Publico allow you to file a Denuncia?  The answer in both cases is probably no unless you actually saw the person/s.  Would your neighbors or Fracc want to know?  The answer is probably yes.  They would prefer that you not keep the problem a secret so that they can be more alert.

The police are here to catch people in the act of commiting crimes.  At this time, the information they publish is the number of arrests they have made - which is different from the number of crimes reported to them; and they do not categorize by type of crime committed - for example: was the perp arrested because he was drunk or because he killed someone; nor do they care about the nationality of the victim or perp.  All that information stays anonymous.  The requirement to publish that type of information does not exist at that level.

This website tries to fill the gap - by providing detailed information about what crimes are being committed at Lakeside. Because the website is in English, the audience is expats - but this does not exclude Mexicans from reporting also - a crime at Lakeside is a crime at Lakeside.  The one exception is Narco Violence - that is not within our scope and is usually well reported elsewhere.

The only way we can get that information is if you or a knowledgeable neighbor or friend reports the crime - be it an attempted breakin or the theft of personal property from your vehicle.  A criminal act is a criminal act - and one for which you should be able to file a denunica.

We recognize that when you are a victim of a crime, it is traumatic.  And we thank you for taking the time to send us a report so that others may be more watchful. 

Also, if you would like to contribute information about crime reporting or prevention - please contact us at . 

We also recommend that you report the crime to Mexican authorities.