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Rumor has it that Robertos in Ajijic was robbed January 29. If you have more info, please email us - info@lakechapalscrme.com

All is not quiet in Chapala: Chapala, Jalisco (21/ENE/2014) -. A man was shot dead in Chapala assailants fled in a black SUV Facts dawn Tuesday occurred in the intersection of Vista and Tepehua in Tepehua colony

LA BARCA JALISCO (15/ENE/2014) -. Agents Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) reactivated finding bodies buried in unmarked graves ., in the town of La Barca, Jalisco Excavation activities began past and according to agents of the Attorney General's Office (week PGR ) were found seven bodies more, so now totaling 74 bodies found.


January 14, 2013 - New Advisory Issued http://travel.state.gov


December 16, 2013 - Chapala - We received an email about mordida in Chapala which said: On Saturday the 16th at approx 6 pm on the malecon in Chapala two gringo teenagers were searched, harassed, threatened with handcuffs and jail (for kissing!), and finally were told that for the money in the girls wallet (seen during the search of her purse) this "problema" would go away.  She paid the money and the motorcycle police left. A formal complaint was filed.

December 13, 2013 Probably at least 75% of the expats at Lakeside really don't understand how the mexican justice system really works. Dale Palfrey is writing some great articles in the Guadalajara Reporter. This week's article (Dec 14) is called Dealing with the Ministerio Publico - a beginner's guide for Crime Victims. Take a few minutes and read the article. More questions? Email the Guadalajara Reporter to her attention - or info@lakechapalacrime.com

November 29,2013 Justice officials explains legal system to expats www.theguadalajarareporter.com

Bodies found in Zapopan -December 7 2013 Search ends with body count at 17! www.informador.com.mx

Bodies found in LaBarca - November 30 2013 Search ends with body count at 67! www.informador.com.mx
(in a straight line LaBarca is 46 miles from Ajijic. By road, about 53 to 58 miles)

December 6, 2013 At least 200 people have been presented at the delegation of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) in Jalisco and Michoacan to undergo genetic tests that allow them to identify any of the 67 bodies were found in November in the town of La Barca , staff reported that federal agency. www.milenio.com

November 21, 2013 from Chapala.com http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?showtopic=47653

Some of the young men in our barrio often come to our  house trying to sell items...lately this is a quick list of stuff that has been presented...

November 18, 2013 - Petty Crime is happening. Here are some examples sent in by a local expat -

1 - I had a full tank of gas. Was out doing errands. And I noticed my tank said almost empty. Went to the gas station to get gas, pulled the release for the gas door and it wouldn't open. The attendant had to use his key to pry it open. I went to my mechanic to see what was wrong and he said someone pried your gas tank door open (and they syphoned off most of the gas). Mechanic fixed my bent gas door and sold me a locking screw on gas cap.

2 - Friends in SJC got up in the morning, they live on the lake in SJC. At the end of the yard where the lake meets the yard they had a long row of huge crown of thorns plants.   All the plants had the branched cut off, main plant still there but branches gone and one in a pot broken. This was done at night while they were sleeping. You can root crown of thorn from the cuttings and there are many shops in town that sell them.

3- A friend brought her feria artists to her home in SJC and unloaded the car. Parked the car out front due to gardeners mess in the cochera. In the hurry forgot to lock the car. In the morning when she went to take her guests to the feria her car wouldn't start. She called a cab to get them there. As she was leaving she noticed the hood wasn't shut all the way and when she looked in the battery was gone. Also the car had been rifled and there was a knife found in the car that wasn't hers.

Plus here is one more on the webboard Nov 18 - 2 weeks ago, we had our Garmin stolen out of the glove box at the Monday Market. My wife had forgotten to lock the van and it seems likely that one of the parking guys took it.

October 15, 2013 - Extortion in Mexico - Periodically,some at Lakeside receive extortion calls - Mexican and sometimes an expat. Interesting article plus other mexico news - worth a read: www.strategypage.com

September 24,2013 US goes after Guadalajara Cartel - The U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced the designation of six companies and five individuals linked to the Mexican drug trafficking organization Los Gueros.  Based in Guadalajara, Mexico.... to read more - www.borderlandbeat.com

September 20, 2013 In an unprecedented, the Directorate for Fire and Civil Protection Chapala declared unable to meet emergency services in the town, due to the poor condition is most units. Article in Spanish: www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

September 17,2013 - A woman arrested late last year in Oakwood for stealing wallets across Hall and Gwinnett counties is now believed to be in Mexico, where she is said to be continuing her criminal activities as well as house sitting at the Raquet Club

Update September 18, 2013 - a person has advised that she now has red hair and glasses and was seen attending a large charity meeting Operation Feed in San Juan Cosala and was housesitting at the Raquet Club. Apparently she has left her housesitting job and was last seen in Ajijic. Hair may be worn pulled back (red) If you had any interaction with her, check your bank accounts. The contact to report information in the states is

The detective in the States phone numbers are

Cell 770-318-6252

Office 770-534-2364 ext 31


Teresa Lynn Owens.

September 11, 2013 Drawn by an intense stench of death, a pair of local field hands discovered the badly decomposed body of a man while they  were cutting down brush on the hillside above the Chapala-Ajijic Libramiento www.theguadalajarareporter.com

August 26, 2013 Three people were found dead in the vicinity of "El Chante" Monday morning in black bags on the side of the road. elgratuito.com.mx (article in Spanish)

www.jalisco.milenio.com Also - in the Informador, an article about this includes many complaints such as: Before the discovery of the two men were found executed in San Juan Cosalá Jocotepec Township , neighbors complained about the lack of security provided by the Municipal Public Security.Article in Spanish: www.informador.com.mx

July 29, 2013 - Beware of blockages on road  Mexico-Morelia (Mexico - Guadalajara) highway- and risk of taking alternate roads - http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2013/07/vice-admiral-killed-in-michoacan-ambush.html

July 26, 2013 - Letter to the editor of Pagina complains about robberies and vandlismis Riberas letter in spanish www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

July 15, 2013 - Person shot in Chapala midnight by persons unknown. Article in Spanish: www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

July 12, 2013 Chapala Municipal Police catch a fugitive from USA in Walmart parking lot.www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx www.theguadalajarareporter.com

July 13, 2013 - We have volunteered to keep the Lake Chapala Crime website operational - please encourage members of the community to report crimes - as the website isn't worth much without that information - Mitch

July 12, 2012 Lenghty Travel Warning for Mexico - Here is the Jalisco part: Jalisco: Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and Lake Chapala are major cities/travel destinations in Jalisco-: You should defer non-essential travel to areas of the state that borders the state of Michoacán. The security situation along the Michoacán and Zacatecas borders continues to be unstable and gun battles between criminal groups and authorities occur. Concerns include roadblocks placed by individuals posing as police or military personnel and recent gun battles between rival TCOs involving automatic weapons.  You should exercise caution in rural areas and when using secondary highways, particularly along the northern border of the state. Except for the areas of the state that border Michoacan, there is no advisory in effect for daytime travel within major population centers or major highways in the state of Jalisco. Intercity travel at night is not recommended. There is no recommendation against travel to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. There is also no recommendation against travel on principal highways in Jalisco between Guadalajara including the portions that cross in to the southern portions of the state of Nayarit. 

2/11/2014 11:20 am -rumor says helicopters are trying to find persons who robbed 2 oxxo stores. Word on the street says - Chapala, the new one on Pepe Guizar and the one at the Pemex on the way out of town were robbed - note - this is rumor and there is NO confirmation in any online source that we could find. So we will leave this up for awhile to see if it can be confirmed.

July 4, 2013 Guadalajara Teens Killed After Bullying Nephew of Nacho Corone lTwo teenagers of 15 years of age were murdered after making fun of the son o a drug trafficker capo. The General Attorney of the State, Luis Carlos Nájera, indicated yesterday that such version was given by a 17 year old teenager that was arrested, out of the record it was identified as Isaac, who is implicated in  the disappearance of the minors, two weeks ago.

On June 21st, the teenagers, Luis Antonio Ortiz and Andrés Barba, had arranged to meet at a mall. From there, they were taken to a forest, where they were suffocated, according to the Attorney.

The teen which we have arrested tells us that the two teenagers mistreated and bullied the son of José Ángel Carrasco Coronel, known as “El Changel”, who had been previously arrested in Mexico City. They were classmates of this young man”, explains Nájera.
“El Changel” is nephew of Ignacio “Nac
ho” Coronel, chief of drug trafficking that was killed on July of 2010 in Zapopan.
State and federal sources revealed that after the death of the capo, Carrasco Coronel controlled the criminal group “La Corona”, formed with loyal people of “Nacho” Coronel. “El Changel” was arrested in January of 2013.

The Attorney of Jalisco indicated that, according to the investigations, the lured the  minors to a Zapopan  mall with the promise of working  in a criminal organization, which they would be paid between 10 and 20 thousand pesos, and other benefits such as parties where they would have their choice of women. (in orange and blue below) www.borderlandbeat.com

February 11, 2013 From www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.com Jalisco police put out alert on phone extortions for communities south of Chapala: Given a recent increase in phone extortions, the South Regional Delegation of the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco (Delegación Regional Sur de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado de Jalisco) has put out a new warning to the public for communities to the south and west of Chapala.

Active areas, according to authorities, are Ciudad GuzmánSayulaZacoalco de Torres, Zapotiltic (directly outside of Ciudad Guzmán), Tapalpa (south west of Chapala), among others in southern Jalisco. The ruse involves cold calls to people telling them that family members have been kidnapped, and then an attempt to extort money for their “release”. It is an old trick, but carries weight in Mexico, which has the highest kidnapping rate in the world.

Authorities advise that the easiest way to avoid the problem is simply not to answer calls from unknown numbers. If a call is received, remain calm, hang up, and report the matter to the authorities. Showing any sign that you are being swayed by the trick could only lead to more harassment.

Specific recommendations offered by the authorities are:

  • Do not give out personal information over the phone to anyone, even if you think you recognize the voice.
  • Beware that some tricksters claim you have won an “award”, but that it requires that you buy them phone cards. Note that Interior Ministry (Secretaría de Gobernación) does not involve itself in sweepstakes or gambling.
  • Do not leave your name or surname on voicemail, and do not answer with your name.
  • Make sure you know the school/work addresses and phone numbers of your family.
  • Request that your family not to turn off their phones.
  • Ask members of your family for the numbers of their friends, and where they are located.
  • And whatever you do: do not pay or deposit any funds into accounts held by the criminals!
For any emergency or concerns contact the Delegation of the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco and / or Municipal Public Security Bureau by dialing (341) 41 278 30 (341) 41 364 57.



July 3, 2013 - Following the arrest of a group of suspected murderers Tuesday afternoon, members of the Attorney General of Jalisco managed to rescue a man who had been kidnapped and chained in El Palomar and succeeded in finding seven human heads today morning, because apparently the detainees were linked to more crimes, the agency said............  when questioning, information managed to free a kidnapped man was chained in a home in El Palomar...............................After freeing the hostage, the authorities continued with the questions, were then taken to the kilometer 17 of the highway Guadalajara-Colima, in Zacoalco the Torres municipality (west of Jocotepec), which had seven heads and other human remains, which had an advanced state of decomposition. The Attorney General is investigating to determine whether detainees are related to more crime.


June 21, 2013 Jocotopec Business Man, Heriberto Iberra Galvez, kidnapped and died with a wound to the head - The Guadalajara Reporter

June 17, 2013 During a confrontation between gunmen and police Jocotepec, two men were killed in the town of San Juan Cosalá and an officer injured. A Police Officer was also injured. The Guadalajarar Reporter

March 1 - 2013 two bodies found in the municipality of Jocotepec on road to Tizapán Alto www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.com

Feb 2013: Bentley Main, 66, American stabbed in Chapala, succumbs to his wounds in Guadalajara hospital wwww.lapoliticaeslapolitica.com (note - the age varies in different articles - correct age is 66)

More WalMart Complaints: February 18, 2013 - I bought an item for 37 pesos and gave 200 pesos.  I just received change for only 100 pesos. When checking my receipt the cashier had punched in 2000 pesos, not 200 pesos.  I went to the head cashier and told her that I was short changed and the specific cashier who had short changed me.  She went over to that cashier's till and took out 100 pesos, not even batting an eyelid.  Sounds like both are in cahouts with each other. PS on March 1 I was short changed 10 centavos by someone training another person. And I know, 10 centavos is not a big deal. But when I owe them 10 centavos, WalMart collects. So when they owe me 10 centavos, I too want to collect. And in this case, the change wasn't complicated - 4.30 pesos was due. Where does all this extra money go?

Feb 12 2013 Checkout clerk short changing 100pesos. Change was to be 366 for a 500p given. Gave 266 back. I made the clerk put down on counter and count it out.
November 23, 2012 I bought about 250 pesos worth of goods at Walmart. I gave the cashier a 500 peso note - the receipt said change is 250 pesos and the cashier gave me 50 pesos - a shortfall of 200 pesos.. I showed her the receipt and money in my hand (the 50 pesos that she gave me) and said another 200 pesos please. She took the next customer and the line was getting crowded because I didn't move. When she opened the drawer for the next customer she gave me the 200 pesos she had shorted. Didn't bat an eyelash or say sorry.

February 27, 2013 Teenager who killed brother in Chapala on February 9 is arrested. Article in Spanish: www.jalisco.milenio.com

February 26, 2013 - An elderly U.S. citizen was gravely injured and his Mexican companion murdered in their Riberas del Pilar residence during a violent encounter with unknown suspects. This past weekend, responding to a call from concerned neighbors, Chapala police arrived at the scene at Avenida de la Ribera 204 shortly before noon Sunday and found Ronald Bentley Main, age 76, lying on the kitchen floor. He was breathing and semi-conscious, with signs of multiple stab wounds apparently inflicted with an ice pick. While awaiting arrival of Red Cross paramedics, officers inspected the premises, finding the lifeless body of Martin Orozco Gutierrez, 48, sprawled face down in a pool of blood in the hallway of the home’s bedroom wing. Click here to read more www.theguadalajarareporter.com

-Written by Dale Hoyt Palfrey (Great and timely reporting by the Guadalajara Reporter!)

Other reports: Article in English www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.com

February 10, 2013- New type of ATM Scam? Couple arrested in El Salto - The device called " trap ", is placed in the slot where the ATM delivers the cash to the user, and when a person has the money, just time to leave it, is" trapped. " At that point, the person gets upset and reports to bank, the teller did not hand over the money, however, the thieves go to the ATM to remove the trap and take the money. Article in Spanish: www.informador.com.mx 

February 9 = Bernardo García Zetina, the police chief of Poncitlán, a town on Highway 35 northeast of Chapala and southeast of Guadalajara (see map, bottom), was gunned down just before 8pm February 8 at his home near Guadalajara. Poncitlan is between NE of Mezcala and San Pedro Itzican and east of Ocotlan. www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.blogspot.mx

February 9, 2013 Whatever happened to CSI? http://www.theguadalajarareporter.com/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/41545-what-ever-happened-to-csi

February 9, 2013 Rancho del Oro-Las Salvias Break in's - from Chapala.com: Police chief Ramon del Arco says he has personnel trained to draw up sketches of crime suspects. It would be interesting if everyone who has been victimized by this mystery man would cooperate in putting together a sketch which presumably could be publicized as well as given to police patrols.. Seems like this individual is working the Rancho del Oro-Las Salvias area. Let's help our police get him off the streets!

Also - it would be nice if people also sent us reports of breakins. We have read many nonspecific posts on Chapala.com and are really confused as to how many breakins or break in attempts have not been reported to us.

February 2 www.borderlandbeat.com Invasion of Los Templarios and the Violent War With CJNG! So you read that heading and decide to pass - not interested, right? Or, you could decide to scan the article; and if you did, you would see: The cities of Jalisco most  affected by this war are;  Jilotlán de los Dolores, Pihuamo, Tecalitlán, Quitupan, Mazamitla, San José de Gracia, Santa María del Oro, La Barca, Atotonilco, Ayotlán, Tizapán El Alto y Degollado, Tuxcueca, Jocotepec and Chapala. So I guess we do care - Sorry to see Chapala and Jocotepec back in the news this way.


January 31 - This morning, on borderland beat, we read about an entire town being taken hostage, so we decided to find out where it was. Opps - it is not that far away - www.maps.google.com part of Sahuayo which is close to the South Shore. This apparently happened the first week in January although there was no date on the article.

For more than 48 hours armed men held the entire town of Marcos Castellanos hostage, killing two people and kidnapping a police officer. After the attack most of the police force resigned - poorly paid police throughout the country are often victims of the violence they themselves try to battle. Lack of training and equipment means they are no match for criminal gangs. 

It also gets interesting. The reporting was done by Al Jazeera - which is headquartered in Quatar. They made the news recently when they purchased Al Gore's TV Station. Here is the link to the video they took - and I actually think it is good - www.youtube.com

January 26, 2013 - Using a wall safe? Read one victims comments: /ajijic/Ajijic0116_2013_2.php

January 21 2013 - why are so many CFE meters being stolen? As it appears to be so common, we have started a new section under reports just for stolen CFE Meters!! So if yours has been stolen - or a friends, please report it. We even added a stolen power meter form - http://lakechapalacrime.com/forms/form_cfe.php

Back to the question - why are they being stolen! We asked a mexican friend, and he said the copper wire in the meter will fetch 100 pesos on the street.

Jan 12 2013 - It has been a while since we had a rash of pickpocket activity. But - our first reported of the year happened on Jan 13 at Walmart. Coincidently, the previous evening I read an interesting article on a master pickpocket that was in the New Yorker.

Here is one of his tips from his website: www.istealstuff.com

So, what are some of the tricks a successful pockpocket will use?

If you keep eye contact as you approach someone and go to their side, the person will stay very focused on on your face and upper body because it’s alarming to them that you’re keeping eye contact. But if you break eye contact as you approach from the front and then you step to their side, you can use this. If you don’t want them to focus on something you’re doing with your hands, just by tilting your head into their personal space, it’ll draw their attention, and they’ll want to look at you. I use that when I’m stealing. That’s crazy! 

This is a very long article/interview on Robbins that was in the New Yorker- but worth a read as hopefully we can learn to pay attention when a pickpocket tries to steal our attention www.newyorker.com

Jan 11 2013 - CANADIAN formally imprisoned Responsible for fatal accident: Danielkewicz Ryan, 38, a resident of Agua Escondida Fractionation in Ixtlahuacán To read more in Spanish: www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

Jan 9 -The U.S. Consulate General in Guadalajara recommends American Citizens defer non-essential travel to areas of the state of Colima that border the state of Michoacan, including the city of Tecoman.  You should also exercise caution when travelling to other parts of the state, including the towns of Colima city and Manzanillo. The security situation along the Michoacan border continues to be the most unstable with shootouts occurring between rival criminal groups and with Mexican authorities.  Homicides throughout the state have risen sharply in 2012. To read more: http://guadalajara.usconsulate.gov/annoucements/alert-status-in-colima.html

Jan 3 - Commander Ramón Pérez Del Arco, office manager of the Public Security Directorate Chapala, reported a drop in the crime rate during the holiday season.  At a press conference on January 3, at 10 of the morning at City Hall, he acknowledged that there was an assault on the Guadalajara Pharmacy branch of Ajijic, but there were no fights or high impact crimes as in previous years For rest of article in Spanish: http://www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx/index.php/contenido/noticias/13049-bajo-incidencia-delictiva So how true is this? Rumor has it there were two more breakins in Ajijic on January 4th (one has been reported to us)- and these perps were not novices and this was not their first time based on their modus operandi.

December 23 - Foreigners threaten to leave Chapala, Ajijic, Jocotepec - to read article in English click here (comment - the meeting referred to happened in November - see next article)

Nov 29 - The foreign community of Chapala expressed his dissatisfaction with the distribution of justice. This is after the Criminal Justice Efraín López Ramírez of Chapala released two thieves confessed to taking more than 5000 pieces of silver, valued at more than 3 million pesos. That judge accumulates in its history over 20 documented complaints against him. Click here to see utube video in Spanish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpvcov1Lj8I

December 18 Comments from a crime report:

...........I think he only wanted my money, but I had my keys and credit/debit card, insurance info. and driver's license in the purse. Please only take what you will use with you when you go out. (We are publishing this here, because we think it is well said. Does your wallet or purse contain more than you need for today? Are you really going to use that credit card today?)

December 21 - Local man found dead after abduction Click here for more info www.theguadalajarareporter.com

Sunday December 16, a Lakesider emailed this to us: in lower La Floresta (los canoas), at 3 pm, the police and La Floresta have a man and his vehicle surrounded and are searching both. The fellow seems to be of high interest to both parties. It's a credit to both that they are on the watch for suspects in our community .

Dec 15 - 114 municipalities of Jalisco receive special equipment for their work fighting crime at the hands of the State Board of Public Safety Article in Spanish: www.elinformantejalisco.com

Article about Narco's in Jalisco deleted as it was undated and perhaps 3 or 4 months old or older. 


November 9 = Operations at the Chapala police department are on a new course under acting Commander Ramon del Arco and his boss, Mayor Joaquin Huerta. Information management policy has reversed tack as the local media now has full access to daily police blotters through the city press office.  On the other hand, while press chief Roberto Arroyo has willingly facilitated interviews with del Arco, he is requesting that local media refrain from publishing the commander’s photograph as a security measure. For more information and the rest of the article, click here www.theguadalajarareporter.com

About October 23, 2012 - San Juan Cosala - Two friends were parked on La Paz in SJC when two RVs with tinted windows pulled up coming from opposite directions.  The men got out of the RVs with automatic weapons and went into a clinic.  They later heard that the young man they were looking for had been in the clinic but escaped and went across the roof tops.  The men went into the clinic and roughed up his father.  The men left without any other incident.

October 29 - Edgar Eduardo Medina Cañada, 22, who lived in San Jusan Cosala was found executed in Jiquilpan, Michoacán. He apparently was one of several people recently kidnapped from San Juan Cosala. http://www.oem.com.mx

October 28 - Shootout on Jocotepec Boardwalk - between municipal police and gunman.  According to police reports Jocotepec was around 22:30 pm on Saturday when they received call from neighbors of armed people on the boardwalk........... 3 people arrested - no fatalities - http://www.informador.com.mx/jalisco/2012/413948/6/policias-municipales-y-sicarios-se-enfrentan-en-centro-de-jocotepec.htm

October 7- Rumor has it that there have been several breakins in upper Ajijic in the last several months - and one (rumor has it) on the 7th. If you have facts, please send in a report, so the community is aware of what happened and realizes that the bad guys did NOT leave town. To report click here.

October ? 2012 - Thieves attempted (unsuccessfully) to lasso? steal? HSBC ATM at Plaza Bugambilias. Rumor has it that police were also slooooowwwwwwww to respond. (we don't remember where we saw this - or the specific date in October. If you have a link to an article or specific info, please email us.

October 7 - with the change in administration comes a change in police chiefs : Ramon del Arco Perez  has been appointed acting head of Office of the Directorate of Public Security in the new administrationwww.theguadalajarareporter.com/

This was published August 12 before we took over reporting and we just saw it today, October 1. Interesting news - some suspects actually caught. The following is edited - to read the full report - http://elinformantejalisco.com/caen-rateros-a-extranjeros-y-vecinos-de-chapala/

Tthree suspects were arrested by agents of the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco... for the following home invasions:

10-A (2)
10-A (3)

According to state prosecutors on January 3, 2012, they robbed a home in Brisas (click here to view report)

On January 12, 2012, they robbed a home in Chapala Haciendas II (click here to view report),

On January 19, 2012, they robbed a home in Chapala Haciendas II (Click here to vew report),

All could face more charges if more complaints are received from potential victims.

************ A good reason to file denuncias with the Ministerio. If you don't speak excellent Spanish, we recommend a facilitator such as Spencer McMullen - spencer@intercasafs.com - phone 765-7553


September 18 - interesting editorial - Jalisco massacre and the politics of denial - http://lapoliticaeslapolitica.blogspot.mx/2012/09/jalisco-massacre-and-politics-of-denial.html

September 16th - South Shore - JALISCO, Mexico — The dismembered bodies of 17 men were found Sunday on a farm in central Mexico, in an area disputed by violent drug cartels, officials said.

Jalisco state prosecutor Tomas Coronado Olmos said the bodies were dumped by a highway in the town of Tizapan el Alto near the border between Jalisco and Michoacan states. Authorities discovered the bodies while Mexicans celebrated Independence Day.

Coronado Olmos didn't reveal the identities of the slain but said the bodies were naked, mutilated and stacked with chains around their necks.


So where is Tizipan el Alto? It is on the south shore - about 30 kilometers east of San Luis Soyatlan on the road that loops around the soutside of the lake.. ( about 500 meters from the border with the state of Michoacán ).

About the victims: http://www.informador.com.mx/jalisco/2012/405235/6/con-antecedentes-y-ex-militares-entre-victimas-de-tizapan-el-alto.htm


May 9 - At this point, 18 heads found in 2 vans next to motel Eddies in municipality of Ixtlahuacán - . Article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx
update - according to this article - adult men - www.notisistema.com

May 9 - Two more bodies found in El Arnel - Authorities say connected to Tala - men age 20 to 25 www.informador.com.mx

May 9 - The Attorney General of Jalisco, Tomas Coronado Olmos, who the 10 people kidnapped and released yesterday in Tala, reveals they are related to the 15 bodies located this morning aboard two trucks...........
Early versions indicate that some of the dead could be residents of the Lake Chapala, and that some of those released yesterday were abducted between April 24 and last week. Article in Spanish: www.notisistema.com

May 8 - Some kidnapped victims found alive in Tala www.oem.com.mx You can check the Facebook page, Por Una Ribera Sin Violencia, for information on the those rescued but at this point, no list has been released.

May 7 - (Source - 2) 5 police trucks fired shots on Emiliano Zapata behind Telmex. Apparently one or more homes searched. After 3 pm today.

May 6 - (Source: 2) Jocotepec, Farmacia Guadalajara robbed.

May 6 - Owner of popular restaurant in Ixtlahuacan, Los Cinco Potrillos, Francisco Ricardo Vargas Garcia (also known as Pancho) disappeared 30 April. He was later found murdered with a bullet in his temple. mx-news.blogspot.mx According to local webboards, the funeral was held on May 2.


May 3 (Sources: 1 and 2) On April 25, on two of the local webforums, there was a discussion about an email received by the Raquet Club (RC), which is located in the municipality of Jocotepec. Two people have checked with the secretary at the RC and the secretary did confirm that a warning was received from the police about a possible confrontation between the police and organized crime members. The RC took it seriously enough to close and lock the large gates to the back entrance, and also closed the office from mid afternoon on.  As well as in the RC, and in the village of San Juan Cosala, some workers also received warnings by cell phones. Between 2:25 and 2:45 a.m , one person saw seven trucks which appeared to be state police pass their house and another resident also saw a group of vehicles. There was noise of metal being smashed with something, maybe hammers. It was discovered in the morning that metal door/s to a property had been smashed in.

April 28 - www.Guadalajara.com Fake road block set up in Ajijic - one person arrested after car chase and crash.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 -(Source: 2) Second hand from three reliable sources. Gunfight on new Jocotepec bypass to Guadalajara on Monday afternoon, the 23rd, between Jocotepec police and bad guys. No one killed but lots of bullets. Source: (2) Second hand from reliable sources.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - Three bodies found in Tizapan. Article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx jalisco.milenio.com

Monday, April 23, 2012 - Source (2) Second hand from two reliable sources, Bus going from San Juan Cosala was robbed in San Juan Cosala in the afternoon.

Monday, April 23, 2012 - Sources: Multiple - source for two dead was (1) eyewitness. Two people were shot to death in Jocotepec on Monday afternoon one block from the plaza. Apparently guys in one pickup were chasing two guys in another pickup, The guys being chased got out of the pickup and ran to a nearby house near the plaza. They were both killed. The previous Friday, there was apparently another murder. Total is three dead. Meanwhile, the Milenio has a tiny comment about one killing in Chapala and one in Jocotepec jalisco.milenio.com. It is unclear which day it is - Sunday or Monday - but an eye witness to the Sunday afternoon incident saw two covered bodies So now, the count appears to be 4 dead; 3 in Jocotepec and 1 in Chapala.

April 21 - How does justice work here? Interesting exercise, in futility, for a local expat. Article in Spanish - www.proceso.com.mx Here is one about the a court case against squatters in Rancho del Oro www.proceso.com.mx

April 17 - Today a body was found on the road to Morelia - Acatlán de Juárez y Jocotepec - Article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx

April 15 - Three found tortured and dead near restaurant "La Casa del Bagre" on Chapala-Jocotepec Highway, in the municipality of Jocotepec. guadalajarareporter.com

March 31 - At about 4 am, in the Division Riberas del Pilar, a young man died from a gunshot wound (no more info in article) Article in Spanish www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

Ajijic - April 9 - Three men from the village of Ajijic, were executed about midnight in Ajijic.....  It is assumed that several armed men aboard a white pickup truck and a gray minivan, intercepted the victims, Lorenzo Saavedra Ramos and José Juan Limón, and who were gunned down outside his home. However, a man identified as Ricardo Espinoza Perez, 25, driving in a blue Chevrolet with foreign plates, was executed a few blocks away, on the road that leads to Jocotepec Article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx

April 2 - Two assassinated om San Juan Cosala: from a vehicle in motion, a group of gunmen shot and executed two men on Highway Jocotepec-Chapala, in the first Municipality. The assault occurred around 5:00 am when the victims were shot in their car in San Juan Cosala. After the attack, they failed to capture those responsible. The bodies were taken to the morgue in the region and, until press time, his identity was not revealed. Article in Spanish: www.guerracontraelnarco.blogspot.mx

March 30 - More Dog Poisonings - Upper Ajijic - click here for more info on Chapala Web Forum


March 30 - RUMOR - Posted on Chapala Web Forum - 2 men were ringing bells. they did get a maid to open the door. when she did she saw they were armed w/guns. they asked if the owners were home. @that moment the police arrived & arrested them. someone had seen these 2 fellows ringing bells, & had called police just in time. If you have any factual informationm about what happened, please email us - Info@lakesidecrimes.com

March 30 - Work is suspended on San Antonio hillside development (El Travasano) by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)  for proceeeding without final permission from SEMARNAT.......The law states that if work begins before they grant permission, the procedure must be rejected because they violate the preventive nature of the environmental impact assessment www.informador.com.mx

March 18 - Early Sunday, on the Chapala-Ajijic highway at the height of the Station of the Federal Electricity Commission in Chapala, secured the body of a man between 35 and 40 years who died with multiple gunshot wounds www.informador.com.mx

March 17 - City of Chapala Approves Risky Development - Says No Risk: The decision was taken by the 11 aldermen of Chapala with only two votes against, during a session in which the mayor said not expected any casino and that spread it media that had "bad information".

In fact, the information derived from different sources, including municipal documents, giving details about the project. This is, as he published this publishing house, fraccionamiento San Antonio Lake hills, at the site known as Earth Salada; It will cover more than 40 hectares and eight of them are for the tourism project of elite, Lake Chapala Hotel and Casino Resort, which drives the Palace Development Group company. The same mayor Jesus Cabrera Jimenez has been hypothesized in various occasions that will be an investment for casinos in 40 million pesos to the project.
www.informador.com.mx A second article says the city expects to receive 20 million pesos annually in revenue when the development is finished in 2014.www.informador.com.mx

March 14 - New Generation Cartel places at least 5 narcobanners on pedestrian in Guadalajara with - according to the authorities - apologies for mayhem on March 9. Quickly taken down. Article in Spanish: jalisco.milenio.com

March 10 8 am - Violence in Guadalajara The Guadalaja Reporter has good coverage www.guadalajarareporter.com

From a Lakesider Eye Witness 3 pm March 9:

Happened hwy 35 between labarca turn off and hills into chapala. Traffic light.truck in front of me slows down in left southbound lane pulls across hwy. i stop 100 feet back. driver and passenger gets out with large can of gas.i thought he had run out of gas. when he doused the truck i knew what they were up to.so backed up.they casually walked away into the bush beside the road.cop showed up but never left truck to give chase.we all crossed over median and drove in left lane of northbound lanes. for a mile. 5 cop trucks blocked the long hill down into chapala with guns drawn.i guess they were waiting for truck.our mexican companion told them truck was not coming--on fire 5 miles back.all made sense after reading informador and us consulate warning. still living a vida loca.



March 8 - The hillside devastation of El Travesaño in San Antonio for the new casino continues to make the news - today, from the Secretary of Tourism (who has no influence over this project) GUADALAJARA, Jalisco (09/MAR/2012). - The construction of casinos in the Lakeside opposes its tourism development model which has become even more so when one considers that the establishment of these businesses no sustainable approach, both in the environmental and culturally, says the head of the Secretariat of Tourism of Jalisco (Setujal), Aurelio López Rocha......  The project includes building a couple of casinos, two hotels, three subdivisions, private reserves and country residences. Article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx

March 8 - Chapala casinos in hazardous area -  When changing land uses to facilitate the construction of several resorts in the hill El Travesaño in San Antonio , the Municipality of Chapala committed a "serious omission" www.informador.com.mx

March 7 - United States Consulate General Guadalajara has issued a warning about virtual kidnapping (extortion attempts) Click here to read

March 7 - The City of Chapala agrees that there is a chain of failure and complicity of various public agencies in the irregular and risky development of the hill the El Travesaño in San Antonio (the mountainside where the new casino is going) . www.informador.com.mx And a related article in Spanish: www.informador.com.mx

March 5 - Two young men were shot in their vehicle in downtown Jocotepec early Monday. One died and one in serious condition. Article in Spanish:www.informador.com.mx

Feb 26, 2012 Andrés Aguilar Rasura, 55, was shot outside his home on Pájaro de Fuego in Chapala Hacienda II.  Article in Spanish www.notisistema.com. www.informador.com.mx

Feb 23, 2012 Local Extortion Calls seem to be on the upswing - The Informador has an article in spanish - with numbers that victims can call -
Victims should call PGJEJ call the following numbers: 38-37-60-00 and 01-800-640-92-98 in 18632 and 18634 extensions, 044-333-662-23-68 or cell phone. www.informador.com.mx

Feb 10 - Body of Mexican malel about 45 years old found at corner of Emiliano Zapata and J. Encarnacion Rosas - cause of death unknown. www.informador.com.mx Feb 18 - Update - Not a homicide, death due to loss of blood due to dog bites according to article in Spanish www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx .


Feb 13, 2012.......Soldiers from 79 Infantry Battalion, to serve a citizen's report, which stated the presence of armed persons, in a house on Ocampo Street in the town of Ajijic, managed to arrest four men in possession of 120 grams of marijuana, 12 magazines for different weapons, 181 bullets of different calibers, a van with license plates JCS-6028, and five cell phones that were used for illegal activities. Article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx/jalisco

Feb 3 - The CSI Group has sent out an email to their distribution list to advise everyone that the Anonymous Tip Hotline is now operational and the scope is tips for crimes committed in Ajijic, San Antonio, Chapala and Riberas. The number and information has been added to the above navigational link - Report Crimes to Authorities. Please be aware that we have no connection with the CSI Group and we are not aware of any plans for the group to publish crime information. CSI information may also be available on facebook www.facebook.com but at this time doesn't have information about the tips hotline.

January 22, 2012 Two Killed while waiting for the bus (Article in Spanish translated using google translate:) Tragically, a woman and a child died after being hit by a vehicle whose driver was able to be stopped by the Municipal Police.  The accident happened on January 22, about 8:40 pm, on the road Chapala-Jocotepec, off the town of La Canacinta (west Ajijic). Article in Spanish: www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

January 28, 2012 A leader of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel arrested in ZapopanArticle in Spanish www.informador.com.mx

This is not crime related but still important - It's flu time - and so far 36 cases of swine flu A/H1N1 had been identified in Guadalajara. Eleven of 36 cases of swine flu cases were from the staff at the Old Civil Hospital "Fray Antonio Alcalde" in Guadalajara. Probably a good hospital to avoid right now. For more info www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.blogspot.com (note - The 2011-2012 flu vaccine protects against an influenza A H3N2 virus, an influenza B virus and the 2009 A H1N1 virus).

January 21, 2012 - The Community Service Initiative is now on facebook -www.facebook.com Send them a friend request to receive updates.

January 21, 2012 - Expat, Larry Allen, Missing from small village (Puerto Corona) on southside of Lake since January 1 - per discussion on Chapala.com. Foul play is suspected. www.chapala.com.

January 20, 2012 A dozen couples of Irish nationality who have been residing temporarily in the lakeside area while attempting to adopt Mexican infants have been identified by Jalisco authorities in connection with the investigation of an alleged child-trafficking ring. Since the case broke late last week, state law enforcement has rounded up seven women and two men, all Mexican nationals from the Guadalajara metro area, for their possible involvement in an international adoption racket that appears to have gone amok after smooth sailing for close to a decade. While so far none of these individuals has been brought up on formal charges, all have been detained as witnesses in the matter. www.guadalajarareporter.com

January 20, 2012 Arthur Marquez Martinez of Chapala and a teenager were arrested murdering David Williams Reitz in Puerto Vallarta last November when they went to visit him. Prior to moving to Puerto Vallarta in November, Mr Reitz, 65, lived in San Antonio Tlayacapan. Click here to read the article in Spanish. 

Chapala, Jalisco (17/ENE/2012) .-   Two brothers, residents of the township of Chapala, were arrested because they were assured 12 doses of the drug known as crystal. Article in Spanish: www.informador.com.mx

Dec 23 - Please report crimes committed by these suspects: Click here to read and see pictures

January 6 CSI Update Email Click here to read


January 9, 2012: Twitter reports of 10 missing school children in Guadalajara, www.facebook.com posted noon on Saturday. Today, Milenio and www.informador.com.mx have published statements from the Secretary of Education that says this is a joke gone bad.

January 6 Interview with Capt Contreras Editorial "Foreign Pressure Works" Click here to read

Dec 21 - Ballistic tests show that suspect's gun used in the killing of Chris Kahr (same person that was identified by victims). Article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx


Dec 18, 2011: Two men found executed in Zapotitán Hidalgo , Jocotepec (a small town to the east of hwy 15 on the way to Guad). Article in Spanish: www.informador.com.mx

Dec 18, 2011: Death of 4 Univ of Guad students and 1 parent after they went to the Federation of Guadalajara Students’ (FEG) headquarters. They went to complain that the student group was demanding too much protection money for allowing him to sell snacks outside a high school campus. The FEG is being investigated for the deaths. Article in spanish: www.informador.com.mx. older article in english: www.borderlandbeat.com. On December 17, thousands march in protest, article in spanish: www.noticias.univision.com

December 16, 2011: www,guadalajarareporter.com Arturo Arceo Garcia Espiritu of Ajijic now in custody for murder of Chris Karr.

Dec 14, 2011: The PGR ignored 089 citizen complaints: The Attorney General's Office (PGR), in Jalisco delegation has consistently ignored the attention of the reports generated by the program 089 anonymous complaints, as reported by the Council Citizen Public Safety, Prevention and Rehabilitation of the State of Jalisco (CCSP) - more information in Spanish www.informador.com.mx.

Dec 12, 2011: From Chapala Web Forum: I just came through the Guad bus station this afternoon. All the ticket windows had information posters taped to them with pictures of about 6 young men who had been caught and incarcerated as the robbers on the bus. The bus company was offering any victim a free ride into town to claim any of their belongings that were recovered. That was nice to see done so quickly. They were all very young and resembeled any normal face you'd pass in the street...no weird hair, piercings, tatoos, wild looks, etc.

Dec 9, 2011- Two guys arrested in Guadalajara while installing a skimmer on an ATM. Lets hope they are the ones that also worked at Lakeside. Click here to read articles in English.

Dec 9, 2011: Click here to read the email from the Community Safety Initiative Meeting December 9.

Dec 9, 2011: Chapala Municipal President Jesus Jimenez Cabrera takes leave of absence (Thursday) to run for Pan Rep District 17 Article in Spanish, Source: www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

Dec 9, 2011: Results of Dec 7 Anti Crime Forum Meeting - click here: guadalajarareporter.com To read a different article in Spanish in Paginas, click here: www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx
In this meeting, the police chief complained that only 3 people reported crimes to his hot line in the last 2 years - denuncia_chapala@hotmail.com.

Dec 9, 2011: Guadalajara, Jalisco (8/NOV/2011) .- The Ministry of Public Safety launched  www.policiaguadalajara.com, and from what we understand of the website - will allow you to make anonoymous complaints and display crime rates based on the reports that come to their own municipal agency, and are served by its police force - which may be different those of the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco (PGJEJ), which are based on the criminal complaint. If anyone has a better translation, email us.

Source: www.informador.com.mx Webmaster comments: We did check it out briefly and did not find any reports for burglaries in the city for December. So I guess time will tell if this is going to be useful to anyone -

Dec 7 - Mirasol Alert - may apply to other Fraccs: There  has been a suspicious van, Chevy Lumina greenish blue in color in Mirasol stopping and writing down house numbers and checking out people's property. Be on the lookout, if you see this van call the police.

Dec 4, 2011: - Three found executed in Jocotepec (El Molino - on Mx15 on way to Guad from Joco) - wrapped in plastic bags and tied with metal tape.  Article in Spanish Click here

Dec 2, 2011: Some expats had some excitment at Costco Zapopan - as a robbery took place while they shopped. Article in Spanish - click here

Dec 2,2011: - Jalisco Institute of Transparency evaluates Chapala. 5th worst with a score of 22.11% out of a possible 100%. Article in Spanish - click here

Nov 30, 2011: Chapala Taxi Cab Driver Murdered - Article in Spanishwww.paginaquesiselee.com.mx

November 30, 2011: Local man, Marco Antonio Palacios Clemow, 34, residing in Emiliano Zapata Street, Santa Cruz de la Soledad (before Vista del Lago), in Chapala, who has a history of attempted robbery. and is a member of Cartel Jalisco New Generation,  was arrested. He had participated in the Chapala Shootout September 12 with other non locals. To see picture and article in spanish - www.lapoliciaca.com

Nov 18, 2011 Remember the shootout in El Limon that didn't make the news? But people heard grenades etc - Finally found some news: "Blow to narcos in Jocotepec, Degollado, and Guadalajara": Military personnel said drug and weapons in operations undertaken in the municipalities of Jocotepec, Degollado, Guadalajara. First and in response to a citizen complaint, to make land-tour in the fractionation El Limon, a town San Juan Cosala, municipality of Jocotepec, military forces secured four guns, six grenades, 47 magazines and a thousand cartridges of various calibers, and five trimmings. Article in Spanish: www.periodicoelsur.com

Nov 9, 2011: 3 murdered in Chapala father, mother, child - www.informador.com.mx

Aug 3, 2011: - I think we missed this when it was published. - note - from August 2011 -The Chapala Area is a Red Flag for Safety: During a meeting with mayors of municipalities of La Rivera de Chapala, the Secretary of State Public Security, Luis Carlos Najera Gutierrez de Velasco, proposed the creation of a regional police. Speak the head of the Ministry of State Security in an interview: "We have a particular concern for the Chapala area for example, a few days ago we were with the mayors and proposed to them the same thing I intended to mayors of the Northern Zone, which is to generate coordination efforts to create regional police ... But Here again the same damn problem of money ... " Article in Spanish Source: 1070noticias.com.mx



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General News, Older Posts

November 6 - Body of missing Canadian found near Barra de Navidad. Sources tell the Guadalajara Reporter that the body of a man found in wasteland near the coastal town of Barra de Navidad Tuesday morning has been identified as Ron Lloyd Mackintosh, a Canadian expatriate who was reported missing on October 22. www.theguadalajarareporter.com


May 4 - Black Friday in Nuevo Laredo - The war between the Gulf cartel and its former armed wing Los Zetas left a toll of 23 dead in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. jalisco.milenio.com www.guardian.co.uk

March 2 2012 - Death toll for mass graves in Durango found in 2011 now finalized at 331. Worse mass murder in Mexican History. www.borderlandbeat.com

March 1 2012- Borderland Beat has published an update of what really happened - Carnival Cruise passengers robbed in PV by one personhttp://www.borderlandbeat.com/2012/03/puerta-vallarta-cruise-line-tourists.html

Feb 26, 2012 - Good article about tourist safety in Mexico www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.blogspot.coma

Feb 17 - 44 Gulf Cartel members killed by Zetas at prison north of Monterey - and then 30 Zeta escaped. www.borderlandbeat.com

Feb 16 - Ixtlahuacán Municipal Policeman assassinated. Article in Spanish www.paginaquesiselee.com.mx


Feb 8 - Mexican Army makes HUGE seizure 15 tons of meth in Tlajomulco de Zuniga. So how big was this bust? 4 Billion street value according to the NY Times. www.nytimes.com Feb 16 - Stratfor has an interesting article about methamphetamine (this seizure was the largest in Mexico's history - and their observation is meth production may pick the winner in the drug ware www.stratfor.com

Feb 8 - Updated Travel Advisory for Mexico. Click here to read.

Feb 2 - A missionary couple from Texas were slain in their home outside the violence-plagued northern industrial city of Monterey, the U.S. Embassy and their family said Wednesday. The embassy identified the couple as John and Wanda Casias. www.mysanantonio.com

(29/ENE/2012) .- The number of people killed by violent events in Jalisco, was 30 people on Friday to early Sunday. Article in Spanish:  www.informador.com.mx (none at Lakeside). January total for Jalisco is 106 to include 3 policemen and 47 within the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.


January 19 - 20, 2012 - Canadian Woman badly beaten in Mazatlan - A Mexican man has been arrested and will likely face an attempted homicide charge in the brutal beating of a Canadian woman at a five-star resort in Mazatlan. www.ottawasun.com www.cbc.ca news.nationalpost.com

January 25, 2012 Strator's year end report on Mexican Cartels - predicting more violence for Guadalajara in 2012. Article temporarily free and in English - www.stratfor.com

January 25, 2012 Two arrested in death of Canadian Robin Wood in Cihuatlán - article in Spanish www.informador.com.mx

A person forwarded it this link to us - a crime study done in South Africa. We thought it was interesting enough to post the link. Not all of the findings apply to our perps - but I am guessing that there is significant commonality. One of the findings was: Eighty percent of residential robberies are committed with the help of information from domestic workers, gardeners and former employees. So maybe the figure is not eighty percent at Lakeside, and we can probably add closeby construction workers - but some interesting findings that have some applicability - http://gido.co.za/pages/el_stats.htm

January 17 - (Naturalized) Canadian Citizen executed in Culiacan, Sinola - Narco Style Execution and apparently involved in illegal activities www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.blogspot.com

Jan 16 - Battle for Billions: Street gangs with cartel ties are not only in Los Angeles and Dallas, but also in many smaller cities across the United States and much farther north of the Mexican border. Mexican cartels had a presence in 230 cities in the United States in 2008, according to the U.S. Justice Department. Its 2011 report shows that presence has grown to more than 1,000 U.S. cities. While the violence has remained mostly in Mexico, authorities in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Alabama and other states have reportedly investigated abductions and killings suspected to be tied to cartels. Source: CNN Reporter on Borderland Beat www.borderlandbeat.com

In December, a student from BC disappeared in the state of Oaxaca and the body was found Dec 29. Click here to read more www.huffingtonpost.ca and lapoliticaeslapolitica.blogspot.com (see Jan 3 entry)

01/13/12–According to a new study on rule of law in Mexico, impunity runs rampant throughout the country. Guillermo Zepeda, a professor at Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), was stirred by the lack of response to investigations of murders in Mexico. To combat the culture of acceptance to impunity, Zepeda authored a study to measure the level of impunity for murder in Mexico. His findings were dismal were that in 2010, 80% of homicides in Mexico went unpunished without trial or conviction justiceinmexico.org.

January 7, british expat (now mexican citizen) murdered in Colima Click here to read

January 12 - We feel this article about visiting Mexico offers a well balanced perspective - Q&A with security consultant Walter McKay - Interviewed by CBS News  www.borderlandbeat.com

January 11 - Guadalajara at the cross-roads of huge methamphetamine market: Interesting article in english. Click here to read

January 3 - A Canadian, 67 year old Robin Wood, was murdered during a home invasion at Villa Obregon (a village adjacent to Melaque) -Click to read article

lapoliticaeslapolitica.blogspot.com is an interesting blog, that many of you may not have heard of. In the bloggers words the blog is an "English language news blog related to Mexico and Central America. Specific attention to politics and breaking news stories." We checked it out, and thought it worth recommending - they had an especially good write up about the Canadian killed in Villa Obregon. If you are interested in subscribing, the link is on the lower left of their blogspot webpage.

Dec 24 2011 - This week there was a slaughter of bus passengers in Veracruz. We saw the articles and didn't add it to local news as it wasn't really local. Today we saw that 3 US citizens with dual nationality were on the bus. That does up the count of US citizens killed in Mexico. For information about the US Citizens www.msnbc.com. For information about the attack www.edition.cnn.com also covered by - www.borderlandbeat.com

Dec 7, 2011: On Monday Jalisco's top police official, state SSP director Luis Carlos Nájera Gutiérrez de Velasco, held a news conference announcing that a third organized crime group had entered the fight for the Guadalajara plaza. Najera stated the the new group, La Barredora, had entered the fray after the mass homicide involving 26 bodies left on a major roadway in Guadalajara on November 24th.

"We are talking about a war between La Resistencia, armed and supported by Los Zetas, against the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). Based on narco messages and other evidence we believe a 'shock' group sent by another cartel has arrived.................. La Barredora is one of several groups fighting for control of the lucrative Acapulco plaza and is involved in drug trafficking, murders, kidnappings and extortions, including the infamous threats against teachers and schools in the city.  Source: Borderland Beat